Welcome to Baseball Fans Only

Baseball Fans Only is a site for articles about all things baseball. The idea behind the site is not just to have baseball news or general information, but to also have short bio’s on players or managers past and present, anecdotes or magic moments. There will also be reviews of products, ballparks and much more.

At some point when enough posts have been written and people are reading them, the hope is to have guests writing a post on their favourite game or moment. Another idea is to get ideas from site visitors about a baseball topic they would like to read about. The possibilities are very large.

If you are reading this intro to the site and you have a player you would like to read about or there is a particular moment in baseball you are interested in, let us know using the contact page.

There are fans of baseball all over the world, many of which aren’t fortunate enough to experience the atmosphere of a being at a game or even able to watch a game on television.

We hope that these articles will give all fans of baseball new and old something interesting to read.