Top 5 Pitchers of Major League Baseball in the 1990s

5 Best Pitchers

In the 1990s, there were a lot of exceptional people who played the game of baseball. Some of those players were second to no one during this decade. While more people pay attention to the statistics of a player when they were up to bat at this time, but the pitchers on the mound didn’t always get the recognition they deserved. So let’s take a look at 5 of the best pitchers that played Baseball during the 1990s.

Greg Maddux (1)

(2nd round draft pick by Chicago Cubs 1984)

Greg Maddux may be the best pitcher of this decade. During this time, he played for the Chicago Cubs for three years then played for the Atlanta Braves for the rest of the decade. He won an award for being the best pitcher in the MLB every year from 1992-1995. Maddux was one of the reasons that the winners of the 1995 World Series were the Atlanta Braves. The Cleveland Indians who opposed the Atlanta Braves were only able to score 5 runs during the 24 innings that Maddux pitched for.

After the decade was over, Greg Maddux continued to play Baseball until 2008. Maddux would leave the Braves in 2003 to go back to the Cubs. He left the cubs three years later and switched between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres for the last two years of his career.

Greg Maddux

Roger Clemens (2)

(1st round draft pick by the Boston Red Sox 1983)

Roger Clemens

Clemens had an earned run average of 3.02 for the whole decade. Roger Clemens‘ best year in this decade was 1990 when his earned run average was 1.93. That was the best in the league. He won the award for the best pitcher three times over these 10 years. While he had won this award multiple times in the decade, he was the runner-up for this award in 1990.

Roger Clemens began playing baseball in the mid-’80s. He was on the Boston Red Sox until 1996. Clemens then played for the Toronto Blue Jays in 1997 and 1998, The last year of the decade was when he joined the New York Yankees. Roger played on the Yankees for four years, then went to the Houston Astros for 3 before returning to the Yankees to finish his career.

Randy Johnson (3)

(2nd round draft pick by the Montreal Expos 1985)

Randy Johnson‘s best season was 1995 while he was with the Seattle Mariners. 1995 was the first year he won the best pitcher award then he would win it again four years later as part of the Diamondbacks. After winning his second award for pitching in the Diamondbacks, he would continue to win that award for three more years consecutively. In 1995, Johnson’s earned run average was 2.48. Johnson ended up starting 290 games and have a 3.14 earned run average.

Randy joined the Montreal Expos for his first couple of years when he started playing in the late ’80s. Randy then joined the Seattle Mariners in 1989 and stayed on that team until 1998. When he left the Mariners, he played for the Astros in one year, then stayed with the Arizona Diamondbacks for 5 years. After those 5 years with the Diamondbacks, he did play for the Yankees, Giants and would return to the Diamondbacks but he never spent more than two years on the same team when he made it to the Yankees. Randy Johnson finished his career in 2009 playing for the Giants.

Randy Johnson

David Cone (4)

(3rd round draft pick by the Kansas City Royals 1981)

David Cone

1994 was when David Cone performed his best during the season when he won the award for the best pitcher in the American League. He had a 2.94 earned run average in 1994 and he was the starting pitcher for 23 games. Of those 23, Cone won 16 games. His final earned run average was at 3.21.

David Cone joined the New York Mets in the mid-’80s and played with them until 1992. He would play with the Toronto Blue Jays for one year then move to the Kansas City Royals for two years. He rejoined the Toronto Blue Jays for one year again then played for the Yankees from 1995-2000. After his time with the Yankees, he played one year with the Boston Red Sox and finished his career in 2003 with the Mets.

Kevin Brown (5)

(1st round draft pick by the Texas Rangers 1986)

Kevin Brown was not a pitcher you would have kept an eye on for the first decade of his career. But the second half of the decade in the 1990s, he became a great pitcher. His earned run average was better than everyone’s in 1996 at 1.89. 1996 was also the year he was the runner-up of the best pitcher award in the National League. In his last year with the Marlins in 1997, he won the World Series. When he left the Marlins, he showed his worth again when he played for the Dodgers.

Kevin Brown first joined the Texas Rangers in the mid-’80s and stayed on that team until 1994. He then played with the Baltimore Orioles for one year then joined the Florida Marlins until 1997. He played with the San Diego Padres for one year then spent the next five years on the Los Angeles Dodgers. He would finish the last couple of years of his career with the New York Yankees.

Kevin Brown

These are the 5 best pitchers in the decade of the 1990s. All five of these pitchers played for many teams but were also a valuable asset to the teams they played for. While none of these pitchers are still playing the game, they still deserve to be remembered for how well they played.

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